Mango Grove Columbia Review

Mango Grove Columbia
6365 B Dobbin Center
Columbia, MD 21045

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mango grove columbia

Mango Grove Columbia: Mediocre Indian Food; Decent Service

Our first impression about the folks in Mango Grove's kitchen was that they were a bunch of lazy and incompetent nincompoops. A thought that, sadly, lingered and hardened as we progressed through our lunch the other day.

Below Par
You see, during our recent visit to Mango Grove at Dobbin Center in Columbia, MD the first two items we dipped into - Coconut and Tomato Chutneys - were both freezing cold suggesting they were not in the least fresh and likely prepared in an era when the dinosaurs and their cousins roamed the Earth.

For a restaurant to serve up ice-cold Chutneys smacks of callous disdain to the paying customers.

Coconut Chutney was low on chilies and a flavorless monstrosity. Tomato Chutney was alright. A cold comfort.

Folks, much of the food we tried at Mango Grove was below par, a clear hint at the less-than-competent cooks staffing the restaurant's kitchen.

Horrible Idlis, Disgusting Sambar
The weird-shaped Idlis were a rubbery disaster that no restaurant with an atom of self-respect would place before diners. It was like eating boiled mound of flour.

Sambar was a clear instance of mislabelling. To describe the tasteless watery bilge, devoid of any Dal as Sambar would be to invite ridicule from all sensible people.

Mulligatawny Soup was anything but that. Yet another instance of mislabelling, it was plain and clear to everyone except of course the desi hostess in the dining room that it was Dal-water soup with a faint hint of garlic.

Whoever prepared the Tomato-bath was not human and it certainly wasn't meant for humans. A reddish-pink flavorless monstrosity, it belonged in only one place - the dumpster.

Channa Batura was a mishap, as often it is at most Indian restaurants in the U.S. The Channa was flavorless and gave us no joy. The small Pooris were alright though.

Gobi Manchurian was a soggy mess and the bland Tadka Dal (Yellow Dal) and hard Naan bread were both disappointments.

The Better Stuff
Dahi-Vada was flavorful but the Dahi (yogurt) was ice-cold robbing us of some of the joy from this favorite Indian item.

Bagara Baingan was another item that passed muster with its distinct clove and Garam Masala flavor.

Although not spicy enough for our hardened palates, Bhindi Masala was still flavorful enough to remain in in the OK category.

Masala Dosa was alright but nothing to write home about. The Paneer item was another palatable item.

Poor Desserts
In a tragic farce, the red-colored Jalebis were low on sugar. An utter travesty of the real sweet delight that's a favorite of millions of Indians.

We were tempted to peek into the kitchen to see if the Jalebi cooks were bipeds or the four-legged variety.

Gulab Jamun, another common Indian dessert, had a slightly raw, uncooked taste.

Decent Service
While Mango Grove's food was mostly a disappointment, the service was decent.

Our waiters were prompt in removing the finished plates and each time they checked with us before removing the plates.

Mango Grove Columbia Rating - Skip It
Guys, we're inclined to the view that Mango Grove is dumbing down on the spices to cater to effete American palates.

Overall, we'd rank Mango Grove in the Below Average category with no standout dishes but plenty of misses. - ©

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